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Herbie and Beauty.lovebugfans

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Arlington, TX, us
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I am a 'teenage punk born in the wrong generation' who has few interests but I pour all of my very being into these interests. If Herbie could sue me for stalking, he would. I help out in our family owned auto repair shop. I don't get a salary, but I do get tips. Its more of a hobby, and I enjoy it. Every now and then we get and old bug in, and everyone at the shop knows that bugs are my territory. I don't entirely understand everything under the hood, but I know how everything is suppose to look and sound, so I go off of that. I have been in love with Herbie since I was 4, and wont stop lovin' him. :)
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Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, WILCO, Norah Jones, MUSE

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